Romana Roux

My motto: make YOUR CHANGE happen! Coaching for all who want more out of life. For Dream Builders, Creative Thinkers, Life Creators and Happiness Seekers.

It's no longer about a monotonous routine - in today's world of digital transformation - it's about strengthening and developing our personal skills. Moreover, it’s about the realization of our dreams both professionally and privately.

I am convinced that in the future it will be about, more than ever, looking forward to Mondays and self-determination. More clarity when faced with multiple options, greater focus when dealing with chaotic situations. It will be the development of our human potential, the discovery of our needs and our authentic life that suits us.


Through my own transformation process and the constant search for what really makes me happy, i gained a lot of experience in meditation and it also finally led me to the Life Coaching training with Dr. Bock in Zurich. I can now call this profession my vocation and where I can realize my full potential. To support my clients through coaching and to achieve more enjoyment of life for them results in professional and personal fulfillment for me.

I look forward to playing a part in your personal change process.

Education and titles

  • Cert. Life Coach (DBCA)
  • Coach and course instructor (Coaching ICT professionals)
  • Coaching job-seekers (FHNW)
  • SVEB M1 (Teaching Adults Education CH)
  • Project Management Professional (PMI)
  • Business Analyst (five years in banking)
  • Claritas Investment Certificate (CFA Institute)
  • Msc. Business Administration (Information Systems, University of Bern)